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ABCYA Word Cloud (like Wordle)
Read Write Think - Make your own trading card
Read Write Think - Make an acrostic poem
Puzzlemaker - Make a crossword puzzle
Puzzlemaker - Make a word search

Edheads - Simple Machines

Make Beliefs Comix - Online Comics Generator

Code Projects
Flappy Random
Flappy Bird by HV
M's Awesome Game Flapping Around The World In One Night
The Game of Games
C and A's Floppy Santa
No Name Game
Gravity Can't Stop Me
Flappy Bird by CO
Flappy Future

Almanacs help you find basic facts.

     World Almanac for Kids    

    Fact Monster Almanac


    Guinness World Record


    Info Please

    The Day I was Born

Biographical Dictionaries can help you find out about people.

   Homework Center Biographies

Dictionaries can help you find out what words mean (the definition). You can also find out how to spell and say the word.

    Little Explorer's Picture Dictionary

    Word Central

Merriam Webster

Encyclopedias are a good place to start looking for basic information on a subject.

   Encyclopedia Britannica Online

   Kids Click! Encyclopedias

 Government Sites


    Ben's Guide to Government


Thesauruses can help you find different words (synonyms and antonyms) in writing.

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