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From Your School Nurse (revised 1/16/17)

Cristie Richards RN
Clinic Hours: Monday - Friday 0720 AM - 250 PM
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                                      A HUGE THANK YOU!
The BCPS nurses are so excited to receive Grant Funding from the Bedford Community Health Foundation to move the school clinics into the digital age.  A BIG THANK YOU to the Foundation Board for recognizing and supporting this need. 

Another BIG THANK YOU to our School Board. Goodview has a new AED in our school. Thank you for providing our school with life saving equipment.

                                               CAREDOX IS LIVE!!
Starting the first day of school, all clinic visits with the school nurse, will be documented in Caredox.  As a parent you will have an active role in this process to allow for a quicker easier way of communicating your child's health information. Please take time to complete your child's Caredox enrollment. 

Along with the cold temperatures and snow, we are also seeing many illnesses including strep, colds, other viral illnesses and the FLU. Please 

  • Teach your children to wash their hands often with soap and water.
  • Keep sick children home for at least 24 hours after they no longer have a fever without using fever reducing drugs.
  • If your child is taking an antibiotic, they must be on it for 24 hours before returning to school.
  • Do not send your child to school if they are sick.
  • Teach your children not to share personal items like drinks, food, utensils, napkins, towels and to cover their cough and sneezes with their elbow when a tissue is not available.
  • Discard your child’s toothbrush once the antibiotic treatment is started and replace it with a new one.

Note to parents:
If your child has a fever,or is vomiting during the night or in the morning before school, please DO NOT send them to school to be counted present. This unnecessarily exposes everyone else to the illness on the buses and in the classrooms. 

If your child has a health concern and requires a health care action plan and or medication at school, please get those in now. This include, but is not limited to Asthma, Seizures, Allergies. This allows us to safely care for your student while they are with us.

Monitor your child's symptoms closely and follow your health care providers advice. Please make sure I have this years care plan in the clinic completed by your health care provider. Also bring in inhalers and epi-pens if your child requires one. Inhalers and Epi-pens may save a life!

Parents: Please keep me updated on any health concerns your child might have and any medications they are taking or changes in medications. Keep a current phone number available in case I need to reach you in the event of an illness or emergency. If you have any questions or concerns you would like to discuss with me, please contact me at the school.

Daily attendance at school is required by the State of Virginia. Staying healthy makes this possible.
-Make sure your child gets plenty of rest. Aim for 10 hours a night.
-Remind your child to wash their hands frequently with soap and water.
-Keep your child's environment tobacco free.
-Cough into an elbow, sneeze into a sleeve.
- Make sure everyone gets a flu vaccine yearly unless there are medical reasons not to.
-Eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
-Students should not share hats, combs/brushes and other personal items with other children.
-Good hand washing habits are our best prevention against illness.
Is my child too sick to come to school?
There are times we are ill and as parents and students we try to return to school/work or everyday activities before our bodies have had time to heal. The following are guidelines to help you decide when to keep your child home from school:
>Diarrhea and/or vomiting within the 24 hour period.
>Cold with fever and thickened yellow/green drainage from the nose.
>Sore throat with fever and swollen glands.
>Coughing that keeps your child awake at night.
>Fever that is 100.0 degrees or greater. (should be fever free for 24 hours without the use of medicine before returning to school)
>Severe and persistent earache.
Redness in the white of eyes, yellow discharge from eyes and matted eyelashes
>Rashes with blisters or oozing and is painful.
A good question to ask yourself as a parent is, "Would I want my child to sit next to a child with these symptoms?"

Medication Reminders:
Please make sure you have completed and turned in ALL medication forms needed in order for me to administer needed medications. The forms are only valid for the current school year and must be completed yearly. Please DO NOT send in medications with your child. Parents/Guardians must bring these into the clinic. If it is a prescription medication, a physician signature is required.

We DO NOT supply cough drops at school.

IMPORTANT... Parents of Rising 6th Grade Students

The 2006 Virginia General Assembly enacted a law
 which requires all 6th grade students to have tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis (Tdap) booster immunization prior to school entry.  

Each parent must provide the proper documentation prior to the start of the 2017-2018 school year for this immunization. Phone calls or notes from parents are not acceptable forms of meeting this requirement.   Please meet this requirement by providing one of the following to me, before May 26, 2017, or the middle school after this date:

1.Proof of having the booster vaccine on doctors letterhead .
2. A notarized religious exemption form with a raised seal or registration number. 
3.Medical exemption form signed by your physician indicating temporary or permanent exemption.

 The school division has the right to exclude your child from school if this requirement is not met. Teacher assignment or class schedules will not be mailed until this health information is shared with the school.

Helpful Websites: - American Academy of Pediatrics - Health Insurance Information - Nutrition Information

As always, please give me a call if you need to discuss your students health concerns with me.

Cristie Richards RN