• Because of continued growth in the Moneta and Stewartsville areas, a new school was built to help alleviate overcrowding. Goodview Elementary opened in the fall of 2000 drawing 425 students from Stewartsville Elementary and 125 students from Moneta Elementary. Goodview Elementary currently serves students in grades K-5 as well as two preschool programs.
  • The school is located on a 40-acre tract of land off Goodview Road. The facility is designed to house self-contained classrooms, a computer lab, library, a gymnasium, and a cafeteria with a stage as well as art and music rooms.  There are half-rooms between hallways to house resource classes. A conference room in the office area serves as a meeting place for parent conferences or small group instruction. Located behind the main office area is a teacher’s lounge and work area. Each hallway also houses a teacher work area.